Tuesday, July 17, 2018


'Burning', by Lee Chang-dong. Author of jewels like 'Peppermint Candy' (1999), 'Secret Sunshine' (2007) or 'Poesía' (2010), all of them programmed in Cannes, besides the very moving 'Oasis' (2002), which was seen in Venice , the Korean brings to the screen a story by Haruki Murakami, who stages a love triangle that, as often happens, does not end well. A film very fine, as is usual in this Korean who became Minister of Culture (which would be very implausible in our country), which has left us frankly delighted, even when he risks with a dance, beautiful, to the sound of the trumpet Miles Davis in 'Elevator for the scaffold'. It seemed impossible for it to ever sound in another film that was not Louis Malle's classic, and it has remained one of the most memorable musical sequences of the festival.


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