Tuesday, July 24, 2018

The Competition

In Harvey Lowry’s The Competition, Chris Klein ups his game as Hollywood’s go-to for playing good guys with ditsy demeanors. Calvin Chesney (Klein) is the ultimate embodiment of the white knight, putting every ounce of his being into proving to Lauren (Thora Birch) that some men are faithful. The challenge isn’t easy, though, as Lauren runs a blog called The Pig Theory for which she’s created a formula that supposedly proves that every man, given the opportunity to get away with it, will cheat on his mate after six months in a relationship. At the behest of Calvin’s boss, Gena (Claire Coffee), who also happens to be Lauren’s sister, Calvin rolls in to charm Lauren and convince her to turn down a potential offer to adapt her man-hating blog into a book, which her family believes will duly turn her into a spinster.


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