Thursday, July 12, 2018

Peter Rabbit

The family film Peter Rabbit, which premiered last weekend in the United States, is receiving virulent criticism due to its peculiar treatment of food allergies. Directed by Will Gluck, is an adaptation of the classic story of the same name by Beatrix Potter and tells the story of a rebellious rabbit and the son of a farmer with bad fleas for dominating an orchard and for the love of a neighbor. In the film, from Sony Pictures, which mixes animation and real characters, the rabbit learns that his enemy, Tom, is allergic to blackberries and plans a plan to bombard him with slingshots with these fruits until one enters him. in the mouth. Tom suffers anaphylactic shock and has to inject Epinephrine. Associations of allergic stress that it is a "deliberate attack", which interpret as allergic bullying, and have launched a boycott the film. Its creators have apologized.


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