Monday, July 9, 2018

The Party

Welcome to the party of democracy! A decadent guateque in which everyone is fighting for the unconditional love of the people, which is neither expected nor expected. On one side the idealist and cultured left, the 'intelligentsia' out of date, which follows its cultural and romantic roll, without realizing that it is a terminally ill patient. On the other hand the neoliberal and young right, materialist, arrogant and spiritual, and that seeks to preserve the love of the people by pulling the Gold Visa. And on the other the social democratic establishment, so absorbed in its self-absorption that it still thinks that it is the only one that will never put the horns. Sally Potter distributes to each other, without mercy and open hand in his latest film, 'The Party', which participates in the Official Section of the 62nd edition of the Seminci after competing last February for the Golden Bear at the Berlinale .


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