Sunday, July 22, 2018

Women of Mafia

After "Pitbull. New orders "a gangster from the Mokotowska Group contacted me. He had a grudge about how he was shown in the movie. After some time he turned to me with a surprising proposition. He came to the conclusion that instead of taking revenge, it would be better if we wrote the script together. Initially I treated it with a pinch of salt. The gangster wrote a cell story of crimes, robberies and assassinations in which he took part, describing in real detail the real situations along with the capital dialogues. When I started reading this, I immediately realized that I had a brilliant text in my hand, which was an ultra-documentary record of the crime. I told him: "Ok. Let's do this movie, but let's tell this story from the point of view of women who were in the criminal world. " Gangster contacted me with his wife and later with other women gangsters who told me the story of the Mokotowska Group from their own perspective. This is how the "Mafia Women" came into being - the best scenario I had in my life.


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